QDI TlB+ with K6-3+

Hi, I have a QDI Titanium IB+ motherboard which uses the Intel 430TX chipset and supports voltage from 2.0 to 3.5V. The FAQ says that it can supprot K6-2 cpus. I was just wondering if it will support K6-3+ cpus. I think it should however I could be wrong. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. I am running a K6III 450+ on QDI Titanium IB+ mobo. I set the jumper to 2x, and the voltage will only go to 2.8volt. I used to like the "Easy Bios"! Anyway I forget what it is detected as something like "-66mxx cpu" in the bios, but at 75mhz front side bus (fsb) it runs at 450mhz and at 85mhz fsb it runs at 500mhz. It is detected as K6III 450+ in WinTune and other diagnostic programs. It runs fine! The voltage is just out whack. I wish there is a way to adjust it, haven't found one yet, as the manual says it is regulated from 2.0 volt up. Their tech support said
    "Dear Sir/Madam,
    No, you'd better not insert such a cpu onto this board.
    Regards!" No help there.
    It doesn't get hot at all even at 500mhz. So I am thinking that running it at 500mhz 2.8v will just cut the life of the cpu in half, maybe 5 years instead of 10, but in 5 years who cares? But on a Windows 2000 machine it works fine, even with two Voodoo2s SLIed together. And its alot faster than it was running a K5-200@266mhz. I can post the test results if you would like.
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