Seeking opinions - Best Guitar game (and peripheral) for PS3

Hello folks,

I have enjoyed playing Guitar Hero (3 I think) on a friends PS3 many times, and have decided to buy a similar game myself.

Now I know there are various franchises (Guitar hero, Rock band etc) with differences, but they seem to be quite confusing. I'd like one recommended based on the following:

Total song lineup - I know I can check out the 'default' songs for each package myself, but I don't know how big a library of free and/or paid-for DLC each title has - are the libraries shared amongst games in the same series? How many are we talking?

Quality of the guitar hardware - I imagine this is a make-or-break thing - a crap guitar would make the game unplayable and no fun. Has anyone got any advice about the different options? I'm not adverse to buying a stand-alone game and a third party guitar if it gives the best results.

Quality of solo play - If the game is designed for a whole band together, will playing solo on guitar be as good?

Based on these factors, I'd like to know what people think is most likely to please!

thanks for your time (and opinions).
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  1. I'll keep this short, since I have very little insight on this topic. If I personally were to buy one, I would go with the Beatles game, since I'm a big fan and love all the music (who doesn't want to sit around and play the entire Abbey Road along with them) or the new Rock Band 3 since it has the Pro mode and 3rd party Pro guitar. Of all the innovations throughout the years, that has to be the best one... something that actually helps to learn how to play the real guitar and not hinder it? Sounds like a winner.
  2. I enjoy the Rockband guitar much more than the Guitar Hero ones, they just feel more comfortable when playing. It takes some getting used to if you have been using a guitar hero one exclusively.

    If you are only interested in playing the guitar parts then Guitar Hero usually has better songs for that, whereas Rockband seems to give all instruments equal representation. I have only played Rockband one and up to Guitar Hero 3 so I do not know how Guitar Hero stepped up to multi-instrument play, so my opinion may not be up to date.
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