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Nightmare on Sims 2 Street

Well I thought that a computer upgrade would be just what the doctor ordered awhile back. I purchased a Asus Crosshair Formula II Motherboard, AMD Phenom 9650 CPU, Twin Asus 8800gtx Video Cards SLI, 4gb of ddr2 Memory and windows 7. Installed everything and then sat back and admired the new speed I had plus Windows 7 looks promising (I gave my Vista away then went back to XP), every game I had played 110% better with no lagging. Then my daughter sits down to play her sims 2 game which I also play and crash the game freezes then crashes to the Desktop. This is with absolutely no custom content of any kind, so I contact EA Games and get the average run around that is expected with any software manufacturer. So I go to Mod the Sims where I got some real help at least they tried there best and in the mean time I am trying the game over and over with the same result "CRASH". This has been going on for months and finally I go to Asus Forum to see if anybody has had this trouble with this board, They all say no except one person who suggested that I shut the sound off in Device manager, so I try this and low and behold the game works great with no sound. So after several tests with the sound disabled and then enabled I get the same results: Enabled Game Crashes, disabled game works. It would seem to me that SoundMax onboard HD drivers are incompatible with Sims 2, the game does not like them. This is even with the lastest sound updates. So I guess that I am going to either purchase a sound card or maybe someone out there has an idea.
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  1. I think your best bet would be to buy a sound card since it seems to be the easiest solution.

    You can wait for SoundMax to come out with a new driver, but then again, it may never come out.

    Lastly, you could try a fresh install of Win 7 because there could be a chance there is some type of conflict. But since all your other games seem to work, this is probably a fruitless attempt to save money on a sound card.
  2. I recommend buying the ASUS Xonar Essence STX Virtual sound card.
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    I can't think of anything off hand I'm afraid, except as jag said, a reinstall of OS (which is a pain in the arse!)

    If you want a cheap card, check out the new Xonar GD. You don't need a $200 card as scorpinot seems to think.
  4. Asus mobo and Asus gpus - he's gotta stick with the Asus theme! PRO COMPATIBILITY, don't you know!? Also, if you need a monitor here's a good >Asus one.< Complete Asus set = bonus stats.
  5. Well the cheaper sound card idea bombed, so I either buy a more expensive one or throw my kids game in the trash. Well I tried to go cheap with a best buy Rocketfish 7.1 sound card and the game still crash turned the sound off and the game works. What a friggin nightmare LOL no pun intended...
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