Dual Duron ?

Are there any dual duron boards ?


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  1. Any Dual Athlon/Duron Boards are not perdicted to be due out until Q1'2000. I would like to do dual on my Athlon 1ghz too, so i am a little impateint also.
  2. There are as of yet no Dual Athlon boards. However, AMD has reported that it has done nothing to Duron chips to make them non-SMP capable. Durons should work in any motherboard that supports Dual Athlons. Of course the smaller cache becomes an even greater in SMP configurations. But personally, if someone offered me a dual 800mhz Duron system I'd take it :). BTW, the AMD-760 MP (special version of AMD's DDR chipset) is most likely to be the 1st dual athlon/duron board
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