Modern warfare 2 problem

Hi guys

I have the mw2 original double-dvd but it seems like i lost the brosure with the original code. Is there any way to recover the code? maybe by contacting steam or whatever. The drive where it used to be installed on, is formated.

Thanks alot
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  1. I an not asking for a key or whatever, just a way to recover the original one.
  2. Either find the original or go and buy another copy of the game.
  3. If you bought it via Steam, contact them. They should be able to verify if your query is legit.
  4. i bought it from a local retailer but i activated it with steam. i'll send an email and see what happens. thanks for the replies u guys!
  5. If it's activated with steam, go to the steam UI and right click on the game - there should be an option for "see CD keys" which will list the ones you entered.

    If it's not in your games list any more you may be out of luck I'm afraid.
  6. just heard from the steam support, that once you register the game through steam, all you have to do in order to play again is update through your account and you're ready to go without reinserting the key. thats very good news.
    Steam can be a pain in the a.., but saved me 50 euros this time.

  7. Glad to hear it!
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