Officejet 7310xi all-in-one software install error

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I hope someone else has run into this problem and can help me. I
continue to be told by HP to uninstall and reinstall the software to
no avail.

I have a networked Dell XPS running XP sp2 and Officejet 7310xi (also
on network). I have downloaded every software on HP's web site to
try and get the scanner to work. I have McAfee suite of
virus/firewall/etc. software running on my system. I've disabled all
those and the Windows Firewall is turned off as well. Using the HP
full Feature software/driver: Network Support file, I get ~96%
through Overall progress - Configuring Your Product (Step 3/4) when I
receive this error:

An error occurred communicating with the scanning device. Please
ensure that the scanning device is connected properly and try again.

I've uninstalled using HP's recommended steps and software and
reinstalled until I'm blue in the face. I've updated with all
applicable patches both to xp and hp. I am unable to use the scanner
button on the 7310 - the only thing I can do is scan from HP

Anyone else run into something similar?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Archived from groups: comp.sys.hp.hardware (More info?)

    I thought I was the only fool who has tried to make HP work -- damn
    thing is intermittent with the scanning thing. Worked well (the
    7130) for the first three months and then pow! I have to reinstall
    the software every month, reboot the machine and pray that it will
    work just to scan in one document before it decides that I can't use
    that backdoor anymore!!! HP bites! However, I did find the
    following that may help you --

    I will try boosting the USB signal or worse, connect it directly.
    Hope this helps. I do have the 7310 as well, hoping to have replaced
    the same problem only to be continuously jinxed by HP!
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