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I'm having alot of trouble with Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars Kane Edition, I've installed the game which went fine, I go to launch the game and I get an Error message saying "Please make sure you have Direct x9.0 or Higher installed. Also verify that your video card meets the minimum requirements, and that you do not have hardware acceleration diabled in the Display control panel."

I'm running A Core i7 920 @ 4Ghz, A HD5850 @ 1000/1200 3GB of OCZ RAM, 500GB Sammy spinpoint ETC... so I'm pretty sure my PC is up to the job. (Just been playing Fallout New Vegas for 2 hours...)

I've tried patching the game but i just get an error saying "patch failed".

I love Error messages that don't help you in the slightest.

Any help is much appreciated. :sol: :sol:
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  1. Reformat your hard drive. Hf.
  2. Never seen an error like that before. What operating system?
  3. scorpinot said:
    Reformat your hard drive. Hf.

    Format because one game's not working? I don't think so...
  4. My OS is Windows 7 64Bit Home Premium.
  5. I run it on 7 Professional x64 with no trouble at all. Never even needed to play with Compatibility settings. Weird...

    Have you played it before on another system or did you buy it recently?
  6. A friend got me it for my birthday on Saturday, Never had an issue like this before.

    Do you know where I can get the patches for it? maybe it would help.
  7. Here's the link to the official download from the C&C site:
  8. Patch worked a treat, YAY!

    Thanks Herr_Koos :sol:
  9. Cool, glad to hear it!
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