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I have a athlon 1.3 with 512 MB, for some reason, when I tried to transfer some video from my digital camcorder, frames will drop. Do you think a faster CPU will help. Or is it my firewire card doing it. Does the quality of a firewire card make any different?


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  1. What OP/SYS? More RAM would help if the OP/SYS could handle it, IE;2K or XP, if you're running 98 to ME more RAM is not going to do anything but create other problems.

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  2. faster HDD will help too.

    -Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
  3. I am running XP with 512 DDR RAM 266FSB
  4. Using 80GB ATA133 with 7200 and a 40GB ATA100.
  5. What motherboard do you have? The PCI bus is normally fast enough for digital video transfer. There is something that either jam the PCI bus or the HDD for secondes and that what cause the loss frame.

    While transferring, are you connected to the internet? Or listening to music?

    Do you have antivirus running in the system tray? or any unnecessary programs?

    Are you running a VIA chipset with a Soundblaster. There are known problem whit them running together in some system.

    -Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
  6. I am running a MSI KT4AV-L motherboard. The only thing that would be running is AntiVirus. I am not using the SoundBlaster soundcard, but the onbroad one. Video, is the ATI Rage Fury Pro 32MB. 512 DDR RAM 266MHz, AMD Althod 1.3. HDD, the C drive is a MAxtor ATA133 80GB 8MB 7200 and the second drive is Maxtor 40GB ATA100. Which drive should I use to save the videos?
    I am planning to upgrade to the Sampron 2800+ or I will put in a 2200+ with another 512 RAM. Which method do you think I should go with. More memory but slower CPU or keep the same amount of RAM but faster CPU? Or do I even have to upgrade.
  7. Ok. I would first try to disable your antivirus, it may take some CPU and HDD times for ocasionnal check and cause frame drop.

    Did you install the VIA 4in1 drivers? If not, then install them. And disable the antivirus too. Then I would capture to the fastest drive, and I guess that it is the C drive. I would first try to defragment it to make sure that there is enough continuous space on the drive.

    As for upgrading, the CPU is a bit weak, but it should be sufficient to transfer DV. It is hard to say what upgrade road is best for you, as your system is weak compared to today standard. I can see that you are not a big gamer by your videocard, so you dont need a gaming System. I built my system for editing and capturing, but at an hobby level. AMD64 3000+ socket 754, Soltek k8an2e-gr, 2x 160 gigs seagate SATA HDD in RAID0 configuration and 1 gigs of RAM. I capture with an ATI All In Wonder 9600XT (analog capture as nobody around me has digital videocam). Everything is fast and smooth. this board doesnt have onboard Firewire, but you already have a card.

    I would first try with the solution I give you. And if it is still dropping frame, then it is up to yo to decide if putting a faster CPU on this board worth it. Because that what I'll do first, as 512 megs ram should do well.

    I have already captured analog video with my old 1700+ with 512 megs RAM and my AIW 8500DV and if I was doing something else, it would drop frame. but remember, it was analog capture so it has to be compressed to mpeg2 and then saved.

    -Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
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