Upgrade Xbox 360?

Hey everyone,
I just bought Reach, but have yet to get Live. I want to know if it is worth it to buy the new Xbox 360 S from a 120 gig arcade. (bought arcade system then 120g hdd). The hard drive has about 100gig left on it and my room (where my xbox and tv are) is pretty far from the DSL connection. I could buy a really long cable but... yeah. Advice?
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  1. I own the XB360 S 250GB. I love it because it is silent, however it's not a new gaming system. Aside from a built-in wi-fi nic, there isn't a big difference in functionality. I would suggest purchasing a cable. Even if you purchased the 360S, there are too many factors that make 802.11x unreliable for gaming. Hardwired connections are much much better.
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