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I was hoping someone could tell me the best duel processor board that supports ata100.
At the moment i have a 700 p3, that spends most of its life at 100% cpu usage. Any sugestions on a board and cpu combo would be great.
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  1. Hi ,
    I have the 694D pro with ATA-100 & FireWire .(bios 1,5)
    My setup : PIII 800 EB @ 147Mhz = 882MHz
    2 X 256 MB PC133 Ram = 512 RAM ( I think CAS3 )
    Asus 7700 (GTS2) 64Mb DDR RAM (with asus driver)
    IBM 30 GB 7200rpm at ATA-100
    Level One 10/100 Network
    AND ADDTRONICS case with 300watt power.

    It works for 2 months day and night running a 3D app.
    I,m ussing NT 4 with sp6 .

    WinTune v1.0.42

    CPU (2) Intel Pentium III@880 MHz
    Video Board ASUS 7700 GeForce2 GTS
    Video Mode 1600x1200@32bits/pixel
    RAM 512 MB
    OS Windows NT 4.0.1381 Service Pack 6

    Area Tested Value
    CPU Integer 5211.727 MIPS
    CPU Floating Point 2222.222 MFLOPS
    Video(2D) 105.219 MPixels/s
    Direct3D 13.22277 MPixels/s
    OpenGL 22.11587 MPixels/s
    Memory 2126.1 MB/s
    Cached Disk 313.3892 MB/s
    Uncached Disk 6.798341 MB/s
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