A7V + Win2k + GeForce + T-Bird

Have posted this to a couple of other forums, so why not post it here too?

Believe that the only thing that helps is to post as many times possible and hope that "arses" (asus) will egmit that there is something wrong with their board, a7v that is.
Anyway I have the same problems as mny others, using Win2k + A7V (kt133) + t-bird + GeForce = lockups and instablility.
Have tried almost everything, including BIOS
upgrades/downgrades, tons of drivers, win2k settings, hotfixes and reg edits. Different settings in BIOS and even moving pci cards around.
Finally tried to run without anything exept with my GeForce installed...
But one thing I´ve noticed is that my computer is much stable without my SB Live and BIOS settings to Normal instead of optimal.
I know that people have suggested it, but is that what I HAVE TO DO??
I choose a Asus because of it´s known stability and performance. But now I have to "strangle and amputate" my computer just to make it run a couple of hours extra?
All the things that people here and others have tried it points to one thing! Incompability!! It´s not up to tomshardware or anandtech to solve It´s ASUS job to solve this issue!
The only thing I can think of is to post as many replies and topics around the internet and hope that Asus will realize that this is real...
And have anyone tried to contact Asus?
What I know, endconsumers is not that important to them...
Enough for now... =)
Excuse my poor english, but I do my best.

One thing I would like to add is that I´m using a Adaptec 19160 scsi-board, the SB Live I mentioned earlier, scsi-disks, "certified" PC133 memory, "K7 certified" 300W powersupply and extra cooling.
The point is that I´ve used this in a prior computer with Asus *brr* =) K7V and Athlon 900 without ANY problems.. Funny huh?

Even tried Win98se, resulting in similar problems...
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  1. A friend of mine has A7V + TBird + GeForce + Win98SE + SBLive Platinum + no SCSI (all IDE) and had absolutely no problems at all. The system runs smooth all day long. He's been using this setup for about two months or so now. Could it be that the compatibility problem is with SCSI drives?
  2. I've got a similar setup, only Duron 650 and ATA100 drive. It took moving the cards around a bit, but all has been OK since first day.
  3. Perhaps it is my Scsi-board though it worked without problems in a prior system, but tons of posts with similar "instability" problems are now disscussed over the internet. Completely different combinations of hardware but some hardware remains the same that are affected of this instability issue!
    And those are:
    A7V + win2k/win9x + GeForce

    These links are just some of the forum that duscuss the "same" problem:
  4. I have jsut installed a A7V with 1GHz T-Bird. Geforce 2 Ultra, Sound Blaster Live Value and 3COM 905x. I installed Win 98 on it with out any problems at all. I have run several Games and Business Apps. for 14 days No problems at all. Have you tried installing on a IDE harddrive and try to forget about youre SCSI for the test. I have a Asus P2B-DS with SCSI controller and it is surely the SCSI controller that is the weak part of the motherboard. Not that it makes problems, but it is not possible to overclock at all.

    I suggest you to install on a IDE Drive for testing purposes. Very easy just unplug the power for all your SCSI drives and plug in a new disk. Install and test.
  5. Per: Please "read" the post prior to yours that i wrote and check the links I added. =)
    My system isn´t overclocked and I´m using a Adaptec 19160 board
  6. Try removing SB live and reinstalling after reserving irq 5; this is a known issue with that card, sb hogs two irqs, one is for 16 bit emulation, tends to conflict w/ irq holding for pci steering...

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  7. Now i remember one problem I had. The IRQ 10 was taken by the ATA100 controller, but the Sound blaster installation tried to install some sbeinit.com in the Autoexec.bat. this file would start a dos-driver for Sound Blaster 16 (i guess). And it crashed the system during boot. Then I rebooted in Safe Mode removed the line in Autoexec.bat and rebooted. Then it worked OK again. After next reboot the line was but back again, no question asked anything. Hang during Boot. I searched many places for a description of the problem, but ended up renaming the file in the sound blaster directory.

    I do not have ythe computer right here to give the specific locations of the file. But this caused the system to hang everytime it was booted after a regular shut down.

    So maybe it is part of the solution. Try find something that is installing itself with IRQ 10. after the computer has been started and running OK.

    Maybe you have something about the motherboard did not report correctly to windows which interrupts is used. This could be the case for the problem. I think Hard Drive controller is normally added in IRQ 10. Try to disable the ATA100 controller in the BIOS, That should prevent the use of the interrupt.
  8. Per: Have tried to "run" and test my computer without my SB Live installed and with the internal ATA100 controller disabled... Same problems, same instability and same crap... :-/ Have recieved some tips regerding the placement of the dimm´s. Will post as soon I have the "results" =) ...sounds sientific huh?
  9. Hi!
    Yes, yes. You're right. I've also posted my problems on other forums (amdzone's one) and got the same answers than you. That is, convert my suppossed super-system in a crap, slow system just to keep it running. I've got an A7V, a Tbird 800, 128 MB PC133 CAS3 and a Geforce 2 MX. My sound card isn't a creative but a terratec dmx. I can play or work for hours without a glitch...until i start using IE 5 (or 5.5) then it is a matter of time before a crash happens. It can take an hour our just a few minutes. I've tried win98se and win2000 with the same results:ie5=crash!
    I've read too many people with similar problems..i'll drop a line to asus tonight (in spain, now it is 0:20).
    Thanks for your time!
  10. I recently built a system for someone - A7V + 1Ghz TBird + 256Mb PC133 CAS2 memory + GeForce 2 GTS + Win2K (SP1) + SBLive and they are also having seemingly random lock ups ? I've tried everything to solve it from moving cards, changing BIOS settings to adding more cooling !!

    I was all set to install W98SE but from what I've just read here will this solve the problem ??
  11. I have tried to install win98se with similar results. But go ahead and try it perhaps behaves differently on your system. What I´ve found out, is that you run your BIOS settings in "failsafe mode" that is:
    System performance setting: Normal (agp2x)
    All BIOS "tweaks" turned off.
    So, the times whan you could tweak and experiment with your asus board is OVER!
    Seems like we should be happy running our expensive boards with the handbrake on!
    I´ve posted on ALOT of other forums and there´s MANY OTHERS with the "same" problem, and posting on arses (asus) own forum www.asusnetq.com doesn´t help! So the question is why does that forum exist?
    Sorry that´s not the issue here, the issue is why does a combination of a7v + win2k + GeForce result in hangups and instability when trying to surf, run winamp or run a 3DMark 2000 test...
  12. I´ve read posts and recieved mail about different solutions... ..but most of these "solutions" have I tried already and some of them are just bull****.

    BUT, the best possible solution right now is to degrade YES! degrade your BIOS to 1003, that is what I´m running now!
    Every tweak enabled in BIOS and AGPx4!
    I´ve been running 3DMark2000, q3 timedemos and even surfing right now with WinAmp playing!
    Sounds good?

    Or if you don´t want to flash your BIOS I suggest you use these settings, which never hang my computer using Win2k:
    System performance setting: normal (agpx2)
    PCI and other memory "tweaks": disabled
    And leave AGP aperture size to default

    Right now I´m running my Tunderbird 950@1160, with every tweak enabled in BIOS and even!! AGPx4! That´s true =) But that is with BIOS Rev. 1003

    The only problem I encountered is when i make a cold boot my "post" reports 1133 instead of 1150, and a slight decrease in cpu-temprature. And it is not possible to disable the ata100 controller.
  13. I have an Asus A7V + 900MHz T-bird + Elsa Gladiac Geforce2 GTS + 128MB PC133 CAS2 + SB Live XGamer + 30GB ATA/100 Deskstar + Intellimouse optical. I have tried Win98, Win98SE, and now WinME.
    In each IE5.5 locks up while I am browsing. I think it is related to a bug in IE5.5 but I have heard suggestions that it is due to the video card drivers, mouse, and SB Live card. See my posts under graphics cards.
    I am now emailing Microsoft to see if their technical support can help. Asus and Elsa tech support never responded to my inquiries.

  14. I am using Win2K SP1, TBird 1 Gig, A7V, Abit Siluro GTS 2 64 meg, 384 Meg VC Ram, SB Live Player, 3Com905B NIC. I have AGP 4X and Fast write enable.

    I have no problem in running my games ( never crash once ). The only problem i encounter so far is 3DMark2000, chances of able to finish the whole benchmark is 1/4 to 1/5. Other than that 100% stable. I play Q3,UT,Diablo II, Age of Empires II, Starcraft. I can play Q3 or UT with 15 Bots for hours.

    Would the crash problem is related to HEAT? Try open up your case a use some fan to blow to the morherboard and see the crash still there. The Power Regulator Board of A7V is really hot.

    SP1 , MS VIA AGP Fix and AMD CPU registry fix help stability.

    Look in the manual to find out which PCI slot has sharing, try to put the card in the slot that dont share. Dont put any PCI card in 1st PCI slot cause it share with AGP.

    I hope this help
  15. Same problem here Crusade; I've also been researching the hell out of it with no results (and yes the Asus forum BLOWS!). I'll give your idea about reinstalling the original Bios a shot.

    BTW folks this is about WIN2000; not Win98... the 98 cures (irq changing, etc.) don't work the same way.

    I noticed someone said they were going to call the microshaft... any results on that? Thanks!
  16. Nothing helpful from software bloat microsoft. I have also encountered the same problem with Word2000.

  17. I am running a A7V, Tbird 700 @950, Micron 128 PC133, WD 20Gb 7200 ATA66, SBLive!, and VisionTek MX, win98/win2k pro dual boot. I just upgraded the BIOS to 1004. Now, I am getting unusual system lockups when browsing with IE5. I presume that this is related to everyone's problem. The lockups occur in win98. Have not tried IE5 in win2k pro yet, but my guestimation is that it will probobly be even worse from what I have been reading.
  18. Have you read the messages to "JPURDUE" "ASUS A7V with SB live" in this forum? Maybe this will help.
  19. The Fix!

    After alot of surfing I found a lucid answer from a guy who wasn't trying to apply a win98 fix to a win2000 problem (like I was and many of us are doing): We need to dump the ACPI in our install of 2000 (and it basically says as much in the product faq's at microshaft!)

    Whats worst is it's pretty much cake:

    1) say NO to Plug n Play OS in the A7V bios.
    2) when your 2000 desktop comes back up stick in your 2000 cd to reinstall and select the "upgrade" rather than "clean install" option; all your settings and software will be saved, no stress (but I always back up to be safe).
    3) when our now familer screen comes up asking for "scsi/ata driver" hit "F5".
    4) eventually you'll be given the option for several types of manual configurations, select "standard pc"
    5) have some coffee and let it finish.
    6) when its done have a look at your system resources and watch the pretty irq distribution.
    7) remember if all else fails read the 1400 page manual and hope the one you bought is more about installs than say networks:)

    If need be you can always re-apply the microsoft hot-fix for via AGP to tighten it down a bit more, but after doing this my K7V's been FLYING for two days and my A7V's been jamming all day without it applied yet.

    Thanks Everyone, if you need some links about this let me know. Jim
  20. I've got a 1GHz Thunderbird, A7V, GeForce 2 GTS, Soundblaster Live X-gamer, and 3C905C-TX.
    I have experienced the lockups under win2k - usually while switching windows, or using the scroll function.

    Really wierd thing is the computer is still available through the network! (ie file shares, remote service commands) Just the video, keyboard, and mouse are locked up. I want to install some remote control software so I can see if it's still available through that when it locks up. Could this be more of a problem with the video card? Also noticed that it tends to lock up more often after I've had it on for a day. BTW, I've not noticed problems under win98SE.
  21. I built 4 systems with this Mobo.
    if you are using win2k try running a chkdsk /r from command prompt and tell it yes to schedule disk check
    then reboot.
    My system is very stable TILL i loaded up the detonator 3 drivers AND the sb liveware 3.0....
    Use win2k cert drivers only and if you arent using it, turn off the second hdd controllers (ata 100)
    (note have to use the uncert drivers for promise int. hdd controllers)
    I had a data file corruption causing my win2k unstability
    it would reboot crash randomly, bluescreens
    ie 5.5 would totally lock when i was scrolling etc.
    i ran the chkdsk /R, and i actually ended up reinstalling win2k because i used all the latest drivers and they hate each other nvidia det 6.31 (UGH) Liveware 3.0(for 4 speaker sound) **BARF**
    Why the hell people cant get together and make stable compatible drivers that cause less crashes i will never know

    I would like to know more about your problems i will probably think of other things you can try as i have one of these at home work and made other for my parents.

    Bored, Certified Tech
  22. I am relieved to find that my problem is not due to a specific hardware failure exclusive to my machine. From what I've read,the common denominators among the IE 5/5.5 lockup problems (and 20 sec pause at bootup) seem to be A7V, Thunbderbird( 800 for me so far stock speed ), SB Live Sound card(Value for me) (predominate but not exclusively), and an IBM hard drive (ATA100 46GB DS for me). I know the pause does not occur in safe mode but does occur when I do a MS approved "clean boot" disabling everything in msconfig. The problem does occur (in my experience) with ME more so than 98 but it does exist in both OS's and is not exclusive to 2K.
  23. Ok, now I know I am not alone. I am using Tbird 850, Asus A7V, 128Mb Pc133, Asus 7100 MX, SB Live, Tekram 390U2W SCSI, Quantum PlusLM 30g, Viking II 4G, 98SE/2000 dual boot. System crashes frequently. I have tried everything. The latest 4in1 driver from VIA didn't help either. The only solution I found was to set "NORMAL" insteal of "Optimal" in BIOS to force AGP2X. Asus says on their site that the latest nVida reference driver will set the card to AGP2x with non-Intel chipset due to compatibility issue. I am tired, I should have stayed with my K7 700, K7V, Fury Pro and be happy with the stability. Please keep me updated if someone come across a better solution.
  24. There is a link to AMDZONE. It show you how to set up a stable system using the A7V mobo. It also tell you which is the most stable drivers and bios.

  25. Ok, go download the 1005.03E BIOS and your system will be rock solid. http://www.athlonmb.com/files.cfm
    DO NOT download the 1005 FINAL, it has bugs. Go check out the forum for more info. Good luck!
  26. Hi everyone, thought I'd give you my 2 bits worth of information (pun intended). My friend has an Asus A7V without built-in sound, SBlive!, Leadtek 32MB geforce, ATA-100 hard drive and CDrom and rewriter drive running on WIN98se and all is well. No crashes at all.
    We run appz like office97, various music composing software, ie5, diablo2 plus many, many other games and utilities. Bios is set to optimal as well.
    I haven't read all the messages yet but so far I think it sounds like either something has been damaged or win2000 doesn't get along with something.
    Hope this is of some help
  27. ha ha, ok well upon reading further I wonder now if it's the scsi card some of you are using or perhaps just an older bios.
  28. OK, so the problems all seem to appear when using a GeForce card. I am ready to my computer to an ATA100 hard drive, SB Live MP3+ 5.1, and an ATI Radeon 32MB DDR. Have it all and am waiting on whether to go with Win2k or stay with Win98SE. SO I guess Ill try Win2k and see how my luck is.

    Athlon TBird 800
    Asus A7V v.1004d
    256MB PC133
    45GB Maxtor ATA100
    Radeon 32MB DDR
  29. Hey crusade_asus, i have got the same system as you have Win2k + A7V(KT133) + TBird + GeForce and it keeps locking up for some reason. Now what i want to know is whether this is the motherboards problem alone, or is it an incompatibility issue between the A7V mobo with an AGP graphics card?
  30. I have the EXACT problem you have. Except that I'm using a Tyan tiger 133 MB (VIA-based) with an Asus V7700 Geocrap GTS Dexluxe. The screen will misbehave, but the network and the hardrives are fine. I also have an SB Live, but the problems only show up when I stick in the Geocrap. Everything is fine with my old Creative Labs TNT2.

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  31. installed the patch for win2k/Geforce compatability issue?

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