Metro 2033 Performance Tweaks ?

Hi all,

I bought Metro 2033 in the steam mid week sale for 6 quid (bargain !) and was wondering if there are any performance tweaks for dx10 mode ?

my rig is a q6600 2.4ghz 4 gb ram and 3870x2 - it gets an average of 30 fps in 1080p on high in dx10 mode (no aa ) performance is better with 16 af opposed to 4 af i don't know why ?

Its a shame you can't go into advanced options to tweak specific settings (my 3870x2 takes a performance hit with heavy ssao on most games and the only way to disable this so far is to go down to normal settings) in Crysis i used a console command to disable ssao which gave me a 5-10 fps boost, and with empire total war i turned ssao off which gave me a similair boost.

Any tweaks would be much appreciated guys

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  1. Maybe updating drivers? some of the new ones that came out the sam time as the 6000 series had performance tweaks for 2033
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