What is the wep key for my router

Hello,I'm trying to connect my Nintendo ds to my inter net but its asking for the wep key what is that
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  1. That is the password for your router.
  2. K3vBot6000 said:
    That is the password for your router.

    To be more specific, a WEP is a type of computer security that's used when wanting to send information over a wireless connection, but still keeping the contents of what you're sending safe/secure (encrypted). To be able to access the information (or in this case, connect to your network), you have to enter a pass phrase that was determined by whoever set up the wireless network. Once you have that phrase you can then enter it and connect/use the network.

    Good luck with getting things running.
  3. open your IE and enter this address and enter the username and the pass it comes admin-admin by defualt and go to wireless then wireless security then you will see your key
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