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i read that the asus a7v comes in 2 kinds. one that already has an additional dip switch and the other that doesnt. so if i buy the board wit the additional dip switch do i still have to configure the switch settings (like u have 2 on the av7 board which needs the additional dip switch installed as described in Modifying An Asus A7V Motherboard For Duron-Overclocking article) or do i jus stick in the 24Kohms resistor and change the voltage settings in the bios. hope u can help
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  1. As far as I know the A7V comes in two flavors, with dip switches and no sound or with sound and no dip switches.
    Either one can be jumperless. Just make all dip switches to the off position and the motherboard will detect your chip and configure it properly.
    If you want to overclock you have to set the dip switches manually.
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