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My winxp installed properly (or so I thought).... the loading screen does appear, but the blue bar passes only once then BLACK GOES THE SCREEN.

I just talked to my brother and he said he's experienced this crap too. What he did was leave -- he left the pc with it's black screen -- then he returned after 45 minutes to discover that it had restarted, and it was making him choose to go safe mode, etc.

he chose safe mode, and (out of a hunch?) disabled the driver of the video card.

then he restarted, went to normal mode, and voila!

has anyone experienced this crap too?

btw I'm using the very ancient VC-power magic ATI radeon 64MB DDR RAM.

and this is not the first time this has happened. Years before this has been happening. But now (I think) I know that it's that damn vid card that's causing the problem.
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  1. XP was designed for new hardware. I have not had problems that you speak of. Try installing the OS again. If that does not work then swap out that video card for a new one.

    What are the specs on your machine? This information would be quite helpful.
  2. I once had the same problem when I used the old Geforce 2 card and loaded it with the new Detonator driver. Upon Windows startup, I got BSOD, had to boot into Safemode and removed Detonator driver and changed to the old driver (before Detonator release). It cured the problem.

    :smile: Good or Bad have no meaning at all, depends on what your point of view is.
  3. problematic pc:
    athlon XP1600+ 1.40 Ghz
    motherboard: ECS K7AMA3
    ram: 256DDR PC266

    Aaah I finally remedied the problem.... I got my GFMX420 from my pc and stuck it on the problematic pc, and winxp loaded!!

    meanwhile, I stuck the problematic power magic radeon 7000 on to my pc, and it worked! It prompted a safe mode first, but after a restart, it runs fine!

    Weird... it's like the radeon works fine UNLESS YOU'RE INSTALLING WINXP

    my pc
    athlon64 2800+
    motherboard: MSI K8M NEO-V K8M800/DDR/AGP-8x/SATA/SND/LAN
    ram: 512DDR PC266
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