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I know that the controller works for the game but have been reading some of the comments and people are saying that its very sensitive and allmost unplayable. I need to know, is it really this bad
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  1. I've heard some people have troubles with it, and others find it just fine.

    I believe it behaves differently in Single and Multi player (coded by different teams).

    My suggestion would be to try it and see.

    A note: A lot of people will tell you NOT to use a controller for FPS on the PC. IMO that's going too far, you should always play the way you enjoy most, but be aware that you will be at a significant disadvantage compared to a mouse/keyboard user of the same skill as you. It really is worth making the switch to mouse/keyboard - It may feel un-natural at first, but the end result is likely to be a more responsive game, which in an FPS mean less time spent dead.
  2. thank you, although not specific, but I'll wait to share other words, because I also had trouble on that matter:)
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