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I own a Asus A7v and set it up with w2k. At first it appeared to work fine. Recently the OS has wanted to label the ide ports and all the drives on them scsi. It also recognizes the ide but gives it a conflicting irq. This problem makes it impossible to use my cd burner and zip250 correctly. I also use an ata100 IBM hd in the promise controller port. The hd has had no problems. Does anyone know what might be the problem?
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  1. Win 2k will treat the promise controller as a scsi device.
    The garden variety ide controllers will appear under the hard disc controller heading of device manager. I would try reinstalling the via bus master drivers...

    disclaimer: I run bx mobos exclusively. I have assembled three VIA chipset mobos (FIC 503+, SD - 11, and KA- 6110); very limited exposure to AMD systems: that's about to change!

    Some more info on your system would help...

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  2. The A7V motherboard has an extra promise controller chip on it for it's ATA100 IDE Ports, this chip is treated like a scsi controller by the A7V's BIOS (since if you boot from the ATA100 ports you have to set the boot device the ext SCSI), so W2K is probably just picking up on that ?

    As suggested in the post above try getting the latest VIA drivers and re-installing them, I've got similar machines here and haven't had any problems.
  3. Just fyi I should probably clarify. w2k sees the following controllers. one Promise controller two scsi controllers and two ide controllers. The two scsi controllers are linked to the ide ports and not the promise ports so everything that is in the ata100 ports works like a charm it is the things in the ide's that have problems. Hope this clears things up. Thanks for the info I will try the driver reload and see if that helps.
  4. Could this problem be caused by the secondary IDE disappearance problem with the stock BIOS people?? Try a BIOS flash I forgot where I got Mine but I'm using the 1003 001_c BETA it seems to be the most stable in win2k but the temperature's that the probe monitors are all too low it seems.

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  5. I am using the 1004 bios which to my knowledge is the newest one that Asus has. I will investigate previous versions.
  6. 1004c is the newest.
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