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Fallout New Vegas Feedback Needed

Has anybody played this game and if so what are your non-biased thoughts about it? Is it worth the purchase?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Well, if u played F3 you will like F N V, the graphics on the start, especially day hours, is not that nice , well , at night, visually interesting. I didn't like the start, kind of everything with it, play it for some time, and i like it now-
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    I'm liking it a lot so far. Played about 30% through and then restarted to do HC mode. Though I'm lucky and have been bug free mostly, a lot of people say that it's buggy still, so might want to wait for next big patch. Graphics are same as FO3 and story isn't AS captivating. I do love the faction additions and the fact that karma isn't as static as before. I hear FO1 and 2 fans enjoy it more than FO3 since they went back to basics on a lot of things too.
  3. Well ive completed the game one my male char, made a female char, and just a couple of minutes ago,
    I killed (SPOILER) benny, by having sex with him (its an option!) and killed him in his sleep, to get a major story object from him, although it can only be done with a perk called black widow.(spoiler end)
    Its a really awsome game, great optimization, couple of bugs but a few patches have fixed em, and its all made by the only gaming company that I know, that encourages modding rather than try to prevent people from doing it.
  4. I just got the game and I'm about to play it. We'll see how it
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