The best game ever ????

what do you think is or will be the greatest game made??? doom III, Half-life 2 ??? need for speed 5 ?? 6 ??? EA F1 2002 ?? quake 3???

for me best
driving is F1 2002 best driving
half life + counter strike
homeworld best strategy
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  1. Quake 3?! Why is that on the list?

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  2. why wouldnt it be on the list ???
  3. Q3 fell wayy below expectations...Why the hell is need for speed there. Yea they're good but not that good.

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  4. so which games are ur fav.?
  5. Deus Ex is one of my favs, among others. Halfife 2 and doom 3 will be good.

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  6. For driving, Grand Thef Auto Vice City is one of the best.
  7. Diablo 2, probably ranks among 1 of the best games made.
  8. Ya D2 and HL were my personal all-time favorites, but h4x have deterred me from both. Hopefully 1.10 will solve some of this, and aleast ppl are trying in HL (stuff like cheathingdeath, etc).

    I think HL2 will blow the pants off of doom3 (fun-factor wise), but it's not like i've never been wrong before =)
  9. I think StarCraft might have gobbled up the most hours on my LAN. We played that game continuously for <i>years</i>. Diablo 2 is up there as well. As far as FPS games go, Half-Life is #1 (and Half-Life 2 is gonna be da shizznit).

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  10. Whew, I thought I was going to be the first one to say Stracraft. Starcraft isn't as popular at the LAN parties as it used to be, but its still a great, and is one of my favorite games (Cs is high on the list too).

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  11. I'm an RPG nut so I vote for The Elder Scrolls 3, Morrowind. I think the best way to gauge what the best game is out there, is one that can still hold its own vs. all the new games. Anyone know a good example of that?
  12. diablo series are the most boring games i've ever seen ... not my type of game ...
  13. Max Payne

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  14. yesssssss... max was amazing...
  15. 'cept for those stupid dream sequences...

    I vote for Half-Life.

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  16. god we both feel the same way .. especially where he was runing on that red path .. it was so stupid.. and anoying ... used to drive me f,,,,,,,, crazy ...
  17. I hated that too....arg arg arg. But I still played through that game several times. That's an awesome game.

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  18. I think the game I personally enjoyed the most was Baldur's Gate II. I really liked the story in that game, and the system of relevent and irrelevent quests was pretty well done. It wasn't the greatest in terms of graphics, but I spent a considerable portion of three months obsessed with it.

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  19. ya BG2 was damn good too =)

    Bleh, I found max payne quite repedative after the first level =p.
  20. Medal of Honour - Allied Assault
  21. Half Life PERIOD! No other game has the balance or open endedness of this masterpiece. My only fear is that the sequel will be less than the original.

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  22. open ended? the story was linear

    but yes it was probably the most fun game for me to play. the scripted events were fraeking scary!


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  23. I'm betting the new Duke will be the best game ever. I love the attitude and sound effects of the old games like Duke, Shadow Warrior and Red Neck Rampage. For some unknown reason the newer games suck in the audio/attitude dept. I hate the stupid Huh Huh Huh everytime you jump in Quake. Half-life was pretty good but even HL don't measure up to the old games for AA. There is plenty of room for improvement so I'm holding out for DUKE (looks like it could be a while).

    Enter the Matrix is very good. If we gotta stick to currently available games I'll go ETM. It plays like Max.

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  24. You guys ever play a game called "Devastation?" Just bought it yesterday and played the first level this morning. Man, the graphics are terrific! Seems like a really good shooter, but that remains to be seen...

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  25. btw .. i remember the game GNOME was something like the mechworrior series.. but then there was no 3D accelerators and stuff like that .. yeah there was but the game didnt support D3D or openGL or anything else.. was just software render. but it was still so good. anyhow ... well as long as a game has a good gameplay ... like easy controls etc. it makes the game the winner .. look at half life-- counter strike and look at doom III ... i enjoy CS more... at least its not runing at 10-20 fps..
  26. fallout 2

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  27. fallout ... what kinda game is that ??
  28. fallout was an RPG
  29. you mean you've never played fallout! EEEKKK! It's only the best turn based post nuclear hallocause rpg ever!

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