ASUS A7V and 1004c in Win2k

The 1004c "final" BIOS version for the A7V seems very unstable in in Win2k. Does anyone know where to get a newer BETA BIOS?? I'm using the 1003 001_c BETA right now and it seems to be mostly stable but I hate having to watch the Win2k boot up screen for 20 minutes. (I'm not kidding) I'd also like to be able to shut off the Promise BIOS but only the 1004's have that option. Oh and the 1004c Isn't necessary for Win2k since its difference from 1004 is only win98 changes.

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  1. I have been running Win2k on an Asus A7V with out any difficulity with Bios 1004c. I have run 2 different installs of win2k. The first I upgraded the BIOS after Win2k was installed, no problems with stability. The second install of win2k was done after 1004c was install. Again I have experienced no problems with Win2k. I think you need to look else where for your problems. If i had to guess, I would say that you have a corrupted OS. THe best bet would be to reinstall win2k, if you still have problems (assuming that your bios settings are proper) I would look at examining your MB to be sure that there is not any flaws in it.

  2. Hey Orion -

    Out of curiousity what are you running harware wise on your A7V? I'm having the same problems with Win2000. BTW do you have any bios settings tips that may help? Thanks!
  3. I personaly have 20 computers with the Asus A7V (1004c bios running Windows 2000). I have not had any problems with them....with the new flash. You can disable the promise 100 controler in the bios with that flash. You will also have to disable the device in the system settings. That is what causes the computer to boot so slow. If you are not useing the 100 contoler then just disable it.
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