Medal of honor very low fps

this is driving me crazy.. Why does medal of honor play soo baad.. i cant figure it out.. im running a decent comp setup. 4 gigs ddr3 1333ram, hd6870 gpu oc'd and a 1090t oc to 4ghz....

i get 15 to 20 fps on medal of honor single player lol... i just dont understand im getting over 30 on metro on max settings and its way more of a hog.

does anyone know any tweaks or why this could be.. maybe how my graphics are setup??? i have no clue... im running the latest drivers and what not.. i tried some tweak changing some things in the settings config file but found out it was only for multiplayer..

does anyone have this problem.
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  1. Temps?
    Unstable OCS?
    Driver conflict with old GPU?
  2. I want to add to the list: Legal version of the game?
  3. To be honest fella i'd start looking at what your system is running in the background
    Scan for virus, trojan, and malware.
    Be prepared to reinstall the game.
    It may be worth your while backing up your files and setting and completely reinstalling your OS.
    I get 40-50fps on high running on an AMD x3 445, with just 2gb memory, and a cheap GT240. However I am running Xp still.
    Dunno if thats the difference. It has been streamlined to only run minimal services in the back ground.
    Oh and It's all genuine software.
    Good luck.
  4. daship said:
    Unstable OCS?
    Driver conflict with old GPU?

    temps are fine for cpu.. running around 40c
    gpu is around 75c

    overclock is stable.

    not sure about the driver conflict..

    its seems when i run stock clocks on my gpu i get 55 to 65 fps in the game it runs good..

    as soon as i open catalist even with stock settings it messes the game up..
  5. What do you mean, Catalyst messes the game up?
  6. I'm getting a steady 60fps with just my stock Q8400, 6gb ram, GTS250 1gb, Win 7 Ultimate 64bit. Res 1360 x 768, All set to high and antialiasing ON. Maybe you need to reinstall your OS (Last Option). It really works and makes the game runs smooth.
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