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I just decided to start playing Oblivion again. Now comes the problem. I normally mod it, and the problem is that it does with just a fresh, clean install with the latest update. When I load it, my character is always, always turning to the right. When paused the mouse is normal, I can move it around. But when you actually play.. If I don't move the mouse, my character turns right at a constant rate, and the mouse sensetivity affects how fast it moves. I can move the other direction with the mouse, and turn faster, look up, down etc. Tried running in admin mode, tried compatability mode... I'm out of ideas! Does it just not work with 7 (SEVEN) , or what? Anyone have any ideas?

EDIT: It's windows 7 home premium 64 bit, not vista. I dunno why I said that *Facepalm*
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  1. I started playing oblivion awhile ago and had a similar issue with movement. The problem was my Wingman Joystick confusing the mouse. If you have a joystick unplug it. That worked for me.
    I am playing Oblivion on Win 7 32bit Ultimate and it works great.
  2. What he said. Works great on my windows 7 64 bit
  3. That fixed it! Ihad completely forgotten I even had a joystick plugged in! Thanks so much.
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