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Since my last post, ive taken care of the Mass Storage(Paradise Controller) problem which was simple enough, but now it seems like THE problem all along that has been locking up my system is some conflict with my SB LIve. Usually, when i have received conflicts before, the device just doesnt work. This time however, the whole system LOCKS up. I either get a lock up in windows upon boot up OR i get the BLACK SCREEN O' DEATH w/ the message "Windows protection error" or something to that effect. Im hoping one of you guys out there can lead me through this one, cause im baffled. (I already disabled the promise controller, and it doesnt seem to be the problem.)


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  1. A windows protection error is usualy a problem with a driver that you recently installed or a tweaking software that is conflicting with a hardware change. Try booting into safe mode and uninstalling whatever you installed. Sometimes if you boot up into safe mode.....shut down properly and then boot up normally it will fix the problem.........this is rare though.
  2. It just so happens i have an A7v with a thunderbird and
    the sb live mp3+
    I would recommend removing the card rebooting in safe mode
    removing all duplicate drivers, reboot again into normal mode.
    reinstall the via chipset drivers from Mainboard CD
    it will say something like VIA 4-1 drivers
    then put the SB live back into computer
    and reinstall drivers.
    if this dont work. have a format C: party
    reinstall win98 then do what i said above starting with
    installing the via 4-1 driver then putting in sb card.
    also when you put together this system
    did you add in cards at same time or 1 at a time?
    i would suggest putting pnp os to YES in bios
    and installing cards one at a time
    any more questions i will look at this again in a day or so

    Bored, Certified Tech
  3. I agree, uninstall everything that has to do with the sound card.
    Then put the SB Live in the 3rd PCI slot.
    Let me repeat that, put the SB Live in the 3rd PCI slot (this is not optional).
    then reinstall the drivers. Don't install Liveware!
    Disable SB16 emulator in device manager, you don't need it.
    See how this setup works, if you don't experience any more problems, then you can try and put Liveware back in, but I wouldn't recommend it unless it is absolutely necessary.
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