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Hello, my playstation 3 60 gig original style (fat), now has a red screen saying hardware failure in many different langauges. This happened out of the blue. I can get into the service bios but everytime I hit restore or anything really it says hardware failure. I formatted the drive out of the playstation, then reinstalled it and loaded the newest update v3.5 with no luck. I used a buddy of mine PS3 harddrive and still the same issue. I'm now doing the ylod fix, where I clean and replace the thermopaste, I'm using the artic silver, and I'm going to do the heat gun trick. It's out of warranty and sony wants 150.00 to fix it, so I figure I'll try some stuff out myself before sending it in. I searched online and the only answer I've found is send it to sony. Any other suggestions you guys can think of? Thanks
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  1. Hardware failure is just that - a failure of hardware.

    I doubt any of the "fixes" online will actually solve your problem if something inside has actually died.

    As you're out of warranty there's no harm in trying everything I guess, but just don't do anything too major that will make any damage worse and take your repair bill up even higher.

    Especially as that repair bill is half the cost of a new PS3 Slim
  2. you bring out the best guarantee for them to overcome.........:)
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