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Connect ps3 to pc monitor

i have a LCD monitor from packard bell model 230WS, i have the HDMI to DVI converter but when i connect to my PS3 it says ' IMPUT NOT SUPPORTED ' . can someone help me connect my PS3 to this monitor? thanks
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  1. You should verify your IMPUT. I have seen a rise in cheap "made in China" IMPUTs lately. I good quality IMPUT will definitely help you out in this situation.
  2. the DVI connector is from BELKIN and works well when i connect it throught HDMI with my video card from PC. only when i connect PS3 to the monitor it says ' IMPUT NOT SUPPORTED ' thx
  3. You may have to pre configure your ps3 to accept your dvi interface manually, also there is no sound on a dvi output, my friend had to carry out a system reset (not restore (combo of buttons at powerup)) for the ps3 to be detected on a new display.
  4. and how can i do that? cuz man i tried everything
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    With the PS3 in stand by mode Press and hold the power button for 5 secs.. (until you hear the second beep) this makes the PS3 to reset the display properties back to factory default, then just follow the onscreen instructions to set it to the desired resolution/mode.
  6. geee thx man. works well finally. thx a lot
  7. no problem.
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