Power Supply overheating with Kt7

I have recently upgraded my system from a MSI Bxmaster with a celery 300a to a new KT7 with a Tbird 800.

The problem im having is very strange to say the least, but my PS a 250W PS is overheating when my system is turned off. First i thought it was my PS so i changed it and installed a new one. The new one smelled burned after a few hours while my system was turned off. I put my old PS back on the sistem only to have it overheat also when my system if off.

Is there something that can be done with out having to send my MB back? As i think it is the only thing that could be responsable for this. Since ATX makes the MB control the PS ? (correcct me if im wrong please).

Sending the board back would be my last option since i dont live in the US and bought it from a US Etailer the shipping cost would be kind of high.

Can someone suggest any solution ? perhaps changing something from my PS so it can stand longer? or something of the sort.

Thanks in advance.

Why do I use LINUX ? Cause its the BEST OS
Why do I use Windows? Cause its the BEST Nintendo..
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  1. Don't you miss your MSI? I'm running mine 140 mhz w/ a p3 733 eb cB0, thing just flies.

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  2. it's overheating while it's running, the smell of fried ps just isn't as evident w/ the fan on... You need more power, Mon!

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  3. I was reading some news groups last night after i posted this message and some of them hinted it could be do to my PS not being able to handle so much stuff??
    Im a bit confused since the only thing that has changed in my system is the MB and chip.

    My current system is as follows

    AMD Tbird 800Mhz (new)
    Abit Kt7 (new)
    192 Megs of ram (64 + 128*2 modules*)
    2 WD 20 Gig HD
    Cdrw TDk VeloCD
    CD Creative Labs 52x
    Diamond Vipper 770 Ultra
    Sblive 1024 with Doughter card
    Realtek Network Card
    SIIG ScSI Controler

    Would the cuase of my PS Overheating be that my current system draws to much power??
    Would a 300W PS do?

    One last question. Being that i have only changed the chip and MB (old MB = MSI Bxmaster Old Chip= Celeron 300a)why would the system now be drawing so much more power?

    thanks in adavanced

    Why do I use LINUX ? Cause its the BEST OS
    Why do I use Windows? Cause its the BEST Nintendo..
  4. It's your t-bird thats pulling the power.I'm running a broadly similar set up to yours with two case fans and my macron 300watt power supply is doing just fine.It may also be worth making sure your case is well cooled as well.
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