GTA IV keeps on lagging

hey guys, im just wondering. why does GTA IV keep on lagging on my pc? here's my rig

cpu: AMD athlon II x3 440 3.0GHz
mobo: ASROCK™ M3A785GM-LE/128M AMD 785G
ram: 2gb ddr3-1333 pc3-10600 Geil™ CL9 (9-9-24)
gpu: Inno3d GTX 460 1GB
psu: Thermaltake Litepower 600w
casing: Inwin Dragon Slayer

i already set 'auto confifure' under the video settings but still the game lags once in a while. is my rig not capable enough to play GTA IV smoothly? what do you think is the problem here guys? is it from my hardware? if so, what specifically?

thanks in advance guys! :)
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