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Something happened and I can't play Dark Messiah of Might & Magic anymore! :pfff:
Yeah it's kinda weird. So let me explain exactly what's the deal.
About one week ago I decided to reinstal Dark Messiah. I played this game whne it first came out on my old ati radeon 9550. Back then I remeber having it on medium settings. Now I have a new graphics card.
PC specs: -amd athlon 64 3000+
-1gb ram ddr
-ati x1550 sapphire (a big improvement for me)
It all worked like a charm. Almoust maximum settings. Everything on high detail, the game looks so cool, for me at least.
One thing to another and I got some malware on my pc. Cleaned it up and ever since the game does not run properly anymore. So I started tweaking it . Yeah you name it! Registery cleaning, some more intense virus scanning, hard disk defragmenting, got the new directx (told me I already have the latest instlaed on my pc) , got the new ati drivers.....even opend up the box dusted it up a bit.
Could have been those malware, or maybe God knows what. A few days ago I rocked that game on high detail,now I have lag on low detail 800x600 resolution! :o It's insane.
My pc and other aplications run smood. I am pretty sure I have no viruses. My GPU runs on 50-55 celsius degrees (which is like allwyas).
I need help.Does anybody know whats going on?
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  1. Usually, you can't guarantee that you got all of the virus removed. Usually, when infected, the best thing to do is a clean install, formatting the hard drive, etc.

    Something is hosed somewhere from the malware.
  2. If you've already done the "cleaning" then I'm afraid you might have consider reinstalling windows and then install fresh drivers across the board.

    You probably already tried this but in order:
    -Disinfect your PC of Malwares and Viruses
    -Uninstall VC drivers
    -Run driver cleaners
    -Reinstall new fresh Drivers (latest update)

    If that doesn't work (still getting major lag) then it means:

    1 - Malware affected other components of windows (other peripherals such as sound or other) or windows components such as DirectX. The best route would be to simply reinstall windows (including formatting all drives is possible). It sounds bad but will take less time than actually figuring out what specifically the malware has corrupted.

    2 - Coincidencial hardware malfunction.

    *EDITED* Previous post wasn't listed, sorry for repost on same answer.
  3. Before I got worried I would definitely re-install the game.
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