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Hello, I just recently got a capture card working and figured out how to use it. I have also been searching for many programs that will record h.246 or MPEG 2 however I can't find a program. I have a Blitzbox B1. Would you please help by telling me if I do need splitters for a good capture and how many. What program to record with. What editing program to use.
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  1. Fraps and Sony Vegas
  2. Fraps would be a nice option -
  3. I have used fraps and couldn't get my capture card to work with it. But I figured my situation out anyways. I have to capture in AVI format then I have to convert using Prism. After that the movie editor can be anything.
  4. Is this a HDPVR? Try camstudio, jing and maybe xfire(it is only partly a capture program)
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