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Hey folks, quick question concerning my new PC purchase. My last headset bit the dust after an unfortunate drop and I'm now in the market. I have been looking at headphones and headsets alike and have come up with a conundrum.

Should I buy a nice pair of headphones, such as http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826106328 that I can use for all my music needs along with a cheap desktop mouse or an actual gaming headset.

My sound card is just default on board (ALC892) at the moment unfortunately but I still want to get the most out of my sound. All opinions are welcomed!
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  1. Well the main thing is do you want / need a mic. If you are an online gamer and want to use in game voip or teamspeak or skype etc. then you will need a mic. Personally a headset suits me rather than headphones and a separate mic (I almost always game through the headset to keep the noise down for the resl of the house), but I can see that if you wanted the option for using speakers and a mic or headphones and a mic then headphones might make sense.

    Did you mean cheap desktop mic rather than cheap desktop mouse?
  2. Oops, yes I did. Sorry about that typo lol. Yea, I guess I'm just looking for value all around. I also strictly game just through my headset before I murdered it but also listen to music/movies and what not. The sounds required for gaming and music are two differently complete beasts, many people saying if I wanted to get good music headphones get a pair along with a good headset, but I was just searching for an all arounder pretty much.
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