God I hate Microsoft!!!!!!!! I keep on getting random BSOD's with IRQL_LESS THAN_EQUAL. Or if I'm futzing with intensive 3d stuff- MEMORY_MANAGEMENT error messages. At first I though I had a bad stick of RAM, and ran memtest, and all sort's of errors came up. Then I realized that I was running a bit of an OC, so I reverted to default BIOS settings, and tested each stick individually, only to find no errors.

So i thought I was OK, but whenever I'm downloading off of Furthernet (safe, legal hippie trading site) and my machine goes to sleep, I get the IRQL BSOD when I rouse my rig. (mem_management hasnt really been a problem since I reseated RAM). does anyone have any suggestions?? It is beginning to drive me absolutely insane!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP!

ASUS A8V Deluxe
3500+ WInchester
6800 GT
Audigy 2S
Antec Truepower 430w
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  1. Have you tried a different video card? It could be overheating/faulty video card. What temps are you getting for cpu, chipset, etc on that thing? Get MBM5 or something to monitor them from windows.

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  2. No, I have yet to try a different vid card. temps are 34C for CPU (3500 winchester) 28C Mobo (asus a8v). I don't have another card to test out with (first build ever, as you know), except an old pci voodoo card. Is there any way to test the vid card for errors? it does act up in farcry a bit.

    Folken, thanks for all your help.
  3. A good way of testing the vid card is to loop 3dmark a few times. That new 05 is sure to put the hurt on it. If it can loop 3dmark05 a few times it is probably ok :)

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