My brand new computer has too low of drivers to play Firefighter raging inferno?

Im trying to play Fire fighter raging inferno on my brand new computer and it says my drivers are too low to run the program, how can that be when i have pretty much top of the line drivers. And i have already tried compatability mode and to play it in windows 2000/XP which it says the game can only be played in. I dont understand how it says my drivers are too low, any tips folks? Thanks
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  1. 1) Please list your system specifications.
    2) Post the exact error message, word for word.
  2. +1 Give your specs and more info
  3. My new computer is a Intel Core i5 CPU 750 @ 2.67GHz
    64-bit operating system with a
    ATI Radeon HD 5450 graphics card.
    Running windows 7 home edition
  4. Message reads " the drivers detected on your system are too old. Please install more recent drivers. You can download them from the graphic card's manufacturers website"
  5. Here you are-

    Download the driver then, uninstall your current driver, run the new driver installation -
    Do as i say, remove before installing-
  6. Is this DL going to downgrade my computer though? And I am not sure how to uninstall my current driver.
  7. You can uninstall the current driver from Add/Remove programs in the Control Panel.

    And I have no idea what you mean by a DL downgrading your computer.
  8. So i did as 55range said, and the same error message appears...
  9. Which driver version did you install?
  10. Ohh-
    I gave you the link for 5450 -64 bit, it should work -
    What happened exactly ?
  11. can a 5450 play it? its not a great gaming card.
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