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3d fps game development need help...!

Hello , everyone .
i am a computer student and wanting to learn computer game development . i want to know which softwares should i learn to make a 3d fps(first person shooter) game. like crysis type game . plz help , i have 5 frendz of mine who also want to do game development course in our free time pls guide us feel free to leave comments.

well I currently have good knowledge of :

Visual basic Express Edition
ADOBE Photoshop CS3

thank s in advance .
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  1. I first got my feet wet in this area with an old MS-Dos based game build engine for Duke Nukem 3D. I have been very interrested ever since. The most affordable I found was Game Studio. I havent bought the program yet, but I did download the trial and had a lot of fun creating with it. I am still planning on buying it in the futuer.
    Here's the link (I hope) to their site. See what you think.
  2. Auto desk.
    Also for actually making a game, a bit cheesy, 2d also, but it is a start =D.

    Take from a school... Ask a teacher, or call a school that does this stuff, and ask, or ask to speak to an instructor.

    Edit: I'll ask my Friend who was on the team that Made AvP2. He doesn't get on much, so it may be a while on that.
  3. I contacted a computer school and they advised me to do the following programs for game programming:

    3d studio max or maya
    C++ and directX
    and a 3d renderer(dont know what it is, you can advise me on that)

    are these softwares good..

    for making a game like [farcry 1 or counter strike(for starters)]
  4. OR any other site you can suggest where i can get expert answers to my question?
  5. 3D rendering is Autodesk...

    Nope can't, my friend hasn't signed in yet....
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    I use UDK (Unreal Devolopement Kit) and GIMP 2 and 3DS Max. You can find UDK here ----->
    It is a 3D game devolpement kit with really good graphics and is easy to use
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