Bad Company 2, latest patch

Do all of you hate the latest bad company 2 patch as much as I do?

1. Medics are too powerful
2. Assault rifles do about half the damage they used to
3. The hit boxes don't seem any bigger, just very inconsistent

IMHO they took the best fps out right now and set it way back!
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  1. I don't like BC2 in the first place, bad graphics, weird momentum aiming, totally random intro to story, doesn't give first time player any info who bad co is, M60 is way to powerful, and it just doesn't play right. Also the ammo counter? WHY is that a little green box in the corner of the screen? MW2 was better in many ways, even graphically. Anyways you might be SOL with that update, check out COD Black Ops it looks alright
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