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Hi all,

I have a set up where I run two separate instants of a game in two windows, each filling up one screen. However, when one window loses focus, the game stop updating to that window. i.e it still runs in the background but the screen is frozen in time, it will reactivate once you click on the window to regain focus. I like to have both screen updating real time regardless of focus. I know it's possible because on my other pc, I can do this. I have no idea what I did to enable this option, but I can't figure it out for the life of me. Greatly appreciate any tips on how to do this.
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  1. Why not just run both games in windowed mode and move one to one screen and another to the second? ...incidentally why would you want that set up? What games you playing?
  2. they are both in windowed mode and each is in its own screen. Only problem is I want both game windows to update real time instead of one pausing when it lost focus because I'm controlling the other screen. I have two PCs with very similar hardware and same windows XP pro set up. It works on one pc and not the other. I play alot of different online games and sometimes being logged in is the best way to keep in touch with old gaming buddies. No point in turning on two PCs if one can do it. This doesn't appear to be game specific since I tested out on different games.
  3. Try ;

    that's sorta in the right direction, maybe you can have two windows ermm always ontop but in that circumstance Im not sure how it will work in terms of which you will be controlling at a time

    THough from what I found out there there needs to be that functionality embeded into the game somewhere..some of the progs out there can force the ontop behaviour..good luck.Am not sure where to go with this one

    or something with always refresh
  4. Thanks for you help, Curtis. That's not what I'm looking for though. It should be an internal windows setting somewhere, not an external program that force windows to the foreground. It doesn't look like anyone else here have any idea either. Thanks though
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