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Need help with a new gaming computer

Last response: in Video Games
November 4, 2010 8:44:46 PM

I am considering buying or building a gaming computer for under $800. It would be a first build but I am not sure if it would be worth it for the price compared to buying a prebuilt. any suggestions?

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November 4, 2010 9:00:42 PM

It is definitely worth it trust me, you can get a lot more power for a lower price. Check out this page for a general idea of how you can build a computer for under $800:

Is there anything specifically you are interested in. Brand (intel AMD)? etc. If you need help just ask.
November 10, 2010 5:25:09 PM

I bought one recently, 650-700 budget. Let's consider your options.

Try finding a prebuild computer with decent enough specs... Easier said than done. I looked at dell and ibuypower. Couldn't tell exactly what I was getting with a dell (you don't know what motherboard, psu you get right off the bat) and read some bad reviews of ibuypower. However, I may have been quite picky about it...

If you know how to build a computer, definitely go for it. Learning to do it can be a bit scary but so worth the experience. The parts I ordered had many diagrams for everything. Following pictures is pretty easy. Go to the new build forums of this website and people will help you out. Most likely, you'll get a much better price/performance. The forums are great for making sure your parts match up and you get the best deal. I would stick to this site for all your building needs. Newegg is a great site to scope out parts.

Just so you know, some people here have said budget computers are at least $1000... don't fret too much. If you can deal with lower resolutions and quality you can put together something decent for around $500. And $700-800 will get you quality parts and prepared for the future.

Research is the most time consuming of the whole buying a new computer process. You will probably start leaning towards building it yourself if you read enough. If you don't have the time, you are looking for a prebuild and are willing to accept any imperfections that come with it.
November 11, 2010 2:40:20 AM

I would recommend to wait a bit longer until Intel releases Sandy Bridge in January. I am sure that prices on the current i-series will drop.