DVI to HDMI not working well anymore


I have 2 monitors
one 22" and one 32"

My graphic card is an evga gtx 260 with 2 DVI exits.
The 22" is DVI to DVI
the 32" is DVI to HDMI

When I was on XP everything was working fine but since I've been on windows 7 it doesn't work anymore
not only I don't have any sound on the 32" but when i do clone I only have the background on the other screen, nothing else.

It doesn't recognize the 32" as HDMI

any idea?

thank you,
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  1. do you have a 32" monitor or TV, it really matters, and I'll hazard a guess/repair, but no guarantee's since I'm guessing

    1. Get Phoenix EDID Designer, (http://www.tucows.com/preview/329441), unzip and run the exe (no install reqd)
    2. Click Tools->Extract registry EDID, then double click the line for your TV/monitor in the popup
    3. Click Tools->Byte viewer, and note down the values in row 00, columns 08-0B (4 bytes)
    4. Start the installation of the latest Nvidia drivers and cancel out once the files are extracted
    6. Open the file "nv_disp.inf" in a text editor. By default for the current drivers this is in C:\NVIDIA\...\169.21
    7. Scroll down to the section [nv_SoftwareDeviceSettings], add the following line there, replacing the "XX" values below with the 4 values noted in step 3:

    HKR,, OverrideEdidFlags0, %REG_BINARY%, XX,XX,XX,XX,00,00,FF,FF,04,00,00,00,7E,01,00

    (In my case the TV code was SYN 0043, the four values being: 4F,2E,43,00 )

    4. Uninstall your current drivers and reboot
    5. Install the modified drivers by running the previously extracted setup.exe. By default for the current drivers, this is in C:\NVIDIA\...\169.21. You'll get a warning about the driver not being signed because of the modified inf. Just press OK.

    Reboot, and you should have GLORIOUS AUDIO!!!
  2. thanks,
    it is a 32" TV with HDMI cable
    I will try that tonight

    however, I think the problem is more basic

    I can transfer the image on the TV there is just no more sound going to it since I'm on windows 7.

    So there are 2 problems;
    1) the sound not going through (as it used to do)
    2) when I clone, I have nothing but the background on the secondary screen

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