Can you play call of duty on xbox live from a pc

can i play off my pc cod mw2 on live to people om xbox 360 live
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  1. I don't believe you can play cross-platform between xbox live and windows live. I know that Microfoft had been testing such a thing but it didn't get past that phase.
  2. No, you can't.

    Pc plays with Pc, Xbox with Xbox etc.

    The only cross-platform shooter I know of was shadowrun, and I hear it wasn't a good thing.
  3. Apart from compatibility issues, PC users would have an unfair advantage of using a mouse and keyboard in FPS games, although you can get mice and keyboard adapters for the 360 or ps3, it would uneven the playing field for most consol users.
  4. Here is the story I had read on the whole PC and Xbox Online idea.

  5. Yeah they are testing it and they did it in Shadowrun as I can recall, but it would be very unfair as the PC would cream them like mashed potatoes as we have a mouse!
  6. What if you used a xbox 360 controller USB adapter with your PC? That would eliminate the difference in button interface. So I don't see why it's such a big deal to link the two together if it is possible.
  7. As others have said, PC users absolutely smash console users when it comes to FPS.
    Google XIM3, watch a few of the Black Ops videos.

    You can't force a PC user to use a controller, as that defeats the purpose of playing on a PC.
  8. there will never be such thing as your saying from this moment, but if there is then the pc version of the game wouldnt be able to play on 360, considering it has old ancient tech. you have to know that pc's are much more powerful then consoles, and simply a pc version of a game wouldn't be able to play on a console platform, because pc games are more demanding on the gpu, cpu, and ram, but maybe in the future there will be
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