MB/CPU swap, What should I expect?

Morning everyone,

I'll be swapping out the Motherboard and CPU in a solid running year old build. Currently it has a FIC PA-2013 rev2.0 and an AMD K6-2 450. I'll be installing an Abit BX-133 Raid board and a stock 866/133 Intel. I will also be putting in a PCI video card. I can build them and make them work but that doesn't mean I'm very computer saavy, just means that I plugged everything in right and loaded Windows!
What should I expect to run into doing this? Should I uninstall the Matrox G200 programs and then delete it from the device manager before final shutdown as I'll be installing a PCI video card (due to O/C the AGP port). I have PC133 Mushkin ready also. Bottom line, other than normal Bios setup should I just let it boot right up and see what happens?

Wishing you all a happy holiday season for you and family.

Thank you in advance, Frank
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  1. I've just upgraded a pII 233 with a LX MB to a Acorp KT7 MB and a Duron 750 Mhz. The only problem was, that winME had to be rebooted 4 times while installing the new controllers etc. This could be a bug in winME...
    Everything else was ok.
    Just a question: Don't you think you can run a AGP card under the overclocked conditions? I guess you can..
  2. Yes, I know that I can run the AGP port O/C'd, I have two other units built from scratch on BX chipset boards. Both @133MHz with Asus V6600 cards. I don't play games so I don't need the blistering performance, just good 16 Meg PCI type stability. I won't be using the Raid function on this either.

  3. you should format put important data on cd or disk. It will be faster i bet
  4. I'm trying to avoid a reformat and complete install. Everything is so smooth right now and just where I want it and the way I like it. I was hoping to get away with just a MB/CPU and video card swap without a heavy touch of the HD.

  5. Roll the dice man, maybe it'll work, maybe it wont.
  6. Frank:
    Yes, use the matrox uninstall utility to remove the drivers, reboot, and use the 'standard vga' driver. Reboot again(isn't this fun?). Also, remove any other devices that you will not be moving to the new board, such as add-on cards from device manager. Right-click 'my computer' on desktop, choose 'properties', click the 'hardware profiles' tab. You should have one listed 'original configuration'. Highlight this and click 'copy', then rename the new one to something interesting. Now, to make sure this works, reboot and windows should ask which config to load, choose the original config. You can switch your hardware now. When you first boot it up and windows asks which config, choose 'none', it will then redetect all your new hardware. Cool eh? No deleting devices in device manager.
    You may have a few ghost devices left, they can be found in safe mode. This method worked like a dream for me.
  7. no, I happened to me when I changed boards as well(Skt7-super-skt7), when I added the new board, windows had to install the new drivers for it & it would do a few and reboot, a few more then reboot again (it still forgot to check for a modem & I had do that manualy) this was with Win98 original

    Were cookin' now... whoops...
  8. Windows can be very buggy in this situation. It could work, but in my opinion you would be better off starting with a clean regestry. If windows has a problem whiel modifying the regestry or any other critical file(s) you would be in for a very long night. If you really really don't want to re-install than I would suggest taking out all drivers that will need to be changed and using the generic untill the new parts are in. This would entail regestry editing and it would be it easier to simply re-load windows.
  9. If your pci card is not the matrox then you should first un-install all the matrox drivers, although you might have better luck o/c ing with the agp card. Seeing how you have a stock 133 fsb p3 what do you plan on trying to run at? 150 fsb? I take it from your post that you plan on using the hard drive from the 450 and leaving the o/s in tact. I strongly suggest before you make the mobo swap you boot the 450 into safe mode and remove all the devices from device manager. You are going to be going from either ali or via chipset drivers to intell chipset drivers. Alot of times, when you do this windows gets a major brain fart and locks up.Which OS are you running? If WIN me you probably can do it all with out needing your windoze disk, if 98 or 98SE you will need to have it handy. Also, I strongly recomend against overclocking untill you have everything installed correctly and running fine at normal settings. It is generally preferable, though not always neccesary to run your CPU at stock settings for a day or so before overclocking ( burn it in).

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  10. A quick fix to a buggy windoze registry is do boot into command promt only and run the scanreg/fix

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  11. i have done a mb & video card swap and much like others have stated win98 rebooted several times and eventually figured everything out ... i was really impressed that i did not have to reformat ... i thought all was well ... better performance, stable ... aprox one month later while trying to uninstall some software windows lost its marbles and after a format and fresh install i finally saw what the new mb & video card could really do ... my recommendation ... bite the bullet now before you are forced to do it unprepared ... good luck

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