Good hardware compression Video card?

I was wondering wether you may use some hardware compression card to get Video in, with what driver?

I'm presently looking to buy such a card that i want to use for analogic Video In for screen and acquisition (with one or more from those very nice software : mencoder, transcode, XawTV XawTVEncode).

What i truly need is hardawre compression, since my GPU is an old TNT2-m64-32Mo-sdr and I'd like not to ask the CPU too much for video acquisition (i've currently run an Athlon 1800+ & will shift for A64 >3000+ sooner or later).

There's a bunch of projects for TV cards, but it's pretty hard to know which cards are truly compatible (i'm talking of actual cards).
I keep workin on it anyway, so some advice might be of great interest to me.

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    Someone can probably help you over there.
  2. yeah thanks bjpatrick.
    I've allready found some more than helpfull links from Just Linux > hardware board, as well as in <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>.
    Also updated my <A HREF="" target="_new">Best video capture solution.</A> post on THG

    Internet <=> Share all we can.
  3. I usually have found that there was better tech support at just linux than linux questions but that could have changed. Since I cannot run Linux really full-time until my graduate degree is finished considering they want everything in MS Office. Hell if the Dr.s see a OpenOffice doc. they are completely confused.
  4. Aww, such a *pity*
    But since it is for Office, that let you some time to run Linux, right ?
    Also IMHO there's no reasons why you couldn't write some stuff on text / OOo documents while you're enjoying your Linux box, then latter open / edit / save them with MS Office.

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