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PSP new user questions

I just bought a PSP yesterday and would like to ask a few questions about it. :)

1.) I have the "Media Go" and I have downloaded my God of War Chains of Olympus (voucher) from the GoW:GoS Bundle and it is in my computer. It is also in my PSP's 2 GB Memory Card ATM. What if something wrong happens and my PC needed a reformat (loses all data in Media Go therefore losing the GoW: Chains of Olympus Digital Download)?

Will I be forced to buy the Digital Download "again"?

How will I be able to download the game again freely (since it was in the bundle)?

Is there a way for me to put the Digital Download game into multiple hard drives for backup and if so how may I do it? Also, can I change the drive destination where my Media Go stores games, data, videos, etc since my main hardrive is really almost filled to the brim?

2.) I would like to know the proper way of turning the WLAN on and/or off. Can I just turn it off whenever I want to or do I have to follow a proper procedure before fiddling with the switch?

For example I just finished web browsing and visiting PSN and go back to the Cross Media Bar. Can I turn it off now or should I turn the whole PSP off first?

Also, can I just leave it on? Or does it consume significant amounts of battery if it's on even though the PSP isn't connected to any network for internet and PSN use?

3.) Movies: I have a Kick Ass UMD Movie (that came from the GoW bundle) but it doesn't seem to have any subtitle options. Is this how it is for all UMD movies?

4.) The Analog nub feels like it doesn't take much to break it. Also it seems that when you move the stick around to the it's edges there are spaces created where grime, dirt, lint, etc will eventually get in and maybe destroy it's function slowly. Is there a way around this? Like a rubber sleeve for the analog stick that probably makes it slightly thicker so the spaces under the nub will not get filled by unwanted materials or some other solution?

5.) Are the external speakers really this weak? I don't think it's has enough volume even at max for another person to watch and listen beside me comfortably. Headphones are just fine though but there are a lot of times I wouldn't want something in my ear.

6.) Is there a proper way of using the UMD? Is it better if I turn of the system first before swapping UMD? Or Sony isn't against swapping UMDs while the system is still turned on?

7.) Is there a proper way of using the Memory Stick? Can I eject/swap it even if the system is on? Or should I shut it down first?

8.) Let's say I am interrupted playing a game with UMD and I decide to "Pause" the game via "Sleep Mode". Will the UMD still be spinning albeit slowly? Does this mean I can't put it comfortably in my pocket when moving around since there might be a good chance that the disc will scratch or even damage the system? (wasn't mentioned here:


I am really sorry if the questions are too stupid but I am just really paranoid with my new system. Any help and/or suggestions

would be greatly appreciated. :)
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    if you backup the memory card totally including the hidden file your downloads should be fine, the security/drm unique to your psp are stored on the memorystick.

    The PSN Store account you setup should know what you have purchased and should allow you to re download whatever you have bought for the particular psp you own.

    The WLAN can be turned off whenever not in use, the WLAN only uses power when games are running to listen out for other PSPs or online gaming, otherwise at the XMB it does nothing but during games it listens, also if you are traveling on a plane you should turn it off due to possible interference.

    Not all movies have subtitles, multi audio or multiangle features.

    I've owned a PSP since mid 2006 and played extensively on it on a daily bases and the analog stick still works perfectly, I do own a logitech polycarbonate case for it which keeps it safe from rough and tumbles.

    Unfortunatly the speakers are a bit weak but you can get case speakers for it and also use headphones aswell, the sound quality is really good with a decent pair of headphones, an when I connected it to my home theater amp the sound source was of exceptionally high quality (no hiss no buzz).

    UMDs are safe to eject anytime, no mechanical parts get in the way of the actual disc during ejection, just try not to touch the UMD window.

    Generally you don't want to eject the card during access (when the memory access light is flashing), while the psp is connected to a computer via the USB lead is another time you don't want to remove the card (make sure you safely disconnect the USB lead before removing the memory stick).

    If you put the psp to sleep the UMD usually spins down and stops straight away. General movement will not kill the UMD or the mechanism, the mechanism is fairly sturdy and is very similar to the MiniDisc mechanism which is designed for portability and walking and running types of physical motion. Dust and dirt are the main things you want to protect your psp umd drive and discs from.

    Hope this helps with you questions.
  2. Thank you so much for answering almost everything! :)

    May you please give me some instructions to back up PSP saved games to my PC? :D Are there risks and dangers?
  3. Not a problem.

    To just backup your saves, themes and downloaded apps just copy the ("psp drive letter":\PSP) folder to your PC, this should backup your saves and downloaded apps, then when you want to recover you just have to copy back the \PSP folder to the psp and your done.
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