Real time strategy game suggestions based on realism.......

What are some suggestions for real time strategy games that run with windows 7? WWII or any other historical or realistic setting...
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  1. R.U.S.E. , World in Conflict and the old but still my favorite game Command and Conquer generals
  2. Don't forget company of heroes. There is another one but I cannot remember its name. Think it is available through steam.
  3. I recommend Company of heroes series. There is free beta on Company of heroes online going on. Download it and see if you like it. There is link to their site: you can download it from there.
  4. Definitely Company of Heroes, if WW2 is what you want. As for other historical settings, the AoE or Total War series are also worth checking out.
  5. World in conflict is probably still the best available. Don't follow the RTS scene too much I have to admit - but compared to dozens of other games, the game design is just outstanding in this one. Quite a bit of depth, high stress on teamwork, and there is almost never more than 10 seconds when no interesting action takes place. Quite fast paced - a game is 20 minutes tops.

    Set in late 1980's cold war setting, combined arms approach. You can command forces as the armor, support, infantry or air arm of the army.
  6. IF you want a high degree of realism I would suggest Stronghold 2, it is available from steam, and it also gives you a challenge to play, as you will have to be managing everything in town such as resource, waste management and thievery, etc.
    I is really a fun game to play, and you can play it only ( It is based on the medieval times)
  7. Anything runs on Windows 7.

    Supreme Commander is a goodie.
  8. wowohwow said:
    Anything runs on Windows 7.

    Supreme Commander is a goodie.

    Not a historical or realistic setting. Awesome game though, well worth checking out.
  9. Im not sure if these games still run on windows 7 because its quite old..
    Try the Blitzkrieg Series. its a historical RTS with realistic settings..
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