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I recently put together an AMD T-bird 800 system with 256Mb PC133 SDRAM, GEforce2MX video, sound blaster live(Xgamer/Value model), and ASUS A7V motherboard. The system runs fine and performs well, but it stalls for a ridiculous amount of time during bootup. I did see a bit more of a delay after installing sound and ethernet cards, but there was still a considerable stall when the only card in the system was video. Anyone experience this problem and/or have suggestions?
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  1. This is just a wide eyed suggestion, you may want to reset the BIOS and the CMOS and see what happens? If that dont work It may be something wrong with the board, maybe some more details? The RAM could be defective? There are a lot of possibilties, NEED MORE INFO!

  2. Are you using the onboard promise controler or the ide channel.
    If you are using the ide channel then try diabling the promise controler in the bios and see what happens.
  3. I had the same problem you did when I received my mobo. I went to asus' website and downloaded the newest promise drivers, and bios 1004D. I don't know if you are using a ata 100 or 66 HD, but go into your cmos and if you are NOT using an ata 100 drive disable ata 100 support and place your 66 on the primary ide and don't use the ata 100 slot on your mobo.
    Good Luck
  4. How long does it take to boot up? I have a similar problem, only with an IBM computer with nothing you listed except an ethernet card. I think the ethernet card is looking for a network connection while booting up, but that's just a wild guess.
  5. No the network card is not the problem if the card is not fucktup. The card is also not surching for a network connection unless you instalt a boorROM and programed it.
    You should defently get de bios 1004d. It is a known problem with the previous bios versions that booting could take a lot of time
    I have my promise enabled and harddrives atached to it. I also have a sound, network videocard and it takes about 13 sec to get the first win98 screen.

    You have to disable al the IDE ports you dont use(so no autodetect in the bios). And get the boot secance right.

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  6. What are you using for an operating system?
    Win ME is faster and Win 98SE is slower on my A7V
    The A7V is not a fast booter anyway. I have an Abit
    KT7 Raid system only takes it 37 seconds with the
    same components twice that long on my A7V
  7. thanx man. you were right on!
  8. Can you tell me what finnaly solft your problem, I did al those things at one's so i don't no what was de problem. If you can tell me i can help other peoples faster.
    Good luck whit a good chose that you made to buy a Asus A7V (most peoples have some starting problems with that MOBO, I think ASUS have to make a extra chapter in the manual for that.)
    But when it finaly works it rocks.
  9. Which thing worked. I just get a black screen. What did you try
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