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Hi, I'm interested in getting a 815 chipset based motherboard and currently the Asus CUSL2 is my choice. The thing is that I have 128mb PC100 SDRAM X 2 and I am wondering if it will work on the board. My processor is a FCPGA PIII-733eb. What other 815 board do U all recommend? I do not want any integrated devices as I also plan to get a Creative GeForce2 MX and a Creative SB Live! DE 5.1. How's the performance for the Crative GeForce2 MX compared to others? Thanks!
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  1. First of all at this moment all i815 MOBO's have integrated graphics (this may change however real soon) It is not a problem however due to the fact that it is automatically disabled as soon as you install an agp (or pci) card. And yes you can use your pc-100 SDRAM in that board just set your bios to either auto on the sdram or set it manually to 100 mhz. i do strongly suggest going to pc-133 in the long haul, you will notice a performance increase.
  2. I have the same MB but with the P3-733 coppermine. As long as your processor supports the PC-100 you should not have any problems. Remember the MB only supports a total of 512 of ram memory and only 3 slots for the chips. I had a email promo from and they had a special of PC-133 memory $60 for 128meg dimm, cheap if your in need. I paid from crucial $348 for two 128 meg dimm. The PC-133 memory should work fine with that CPU, PC-100 would just be minimum to make it work. I had a PC-66 in which I put a PC-100 dimm with a P1-233mmx and it worked fine with the older PC-66 memory.

    I just put in a ATI Radeon 32 ddr card where I paid $199.99+ $50rebate from CompUSA. I had been using the onboard graphics. (just remember to put the video into standard VGA before switching to the AGP, I had problems installing because of not remembering to do such, lucky for backups "GHOST", maybe even install the drivers before shutdown and putting in the AGP card this may have been my problem too. I put the drivers in after installing the Radeon. But my own ingorance and my own fix.

    Best of luck
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  5. You might want to consider the brand new ASUS CUSL2-C. I believe it's about the same board as the CUSL2, but they've dropped the onboard graphics as well as about $40. It's based on the new 815EP chipset. I'm probably going to buy it myself this week (buildin' my first system).
  6. Umm, I'd stay away from any video card that says "creative" on it. While they do have excellent support, the benchmarks for their video cards tend to SUCK. Go get a Hercules or LeadTek Geforce 2 MX. Specifically the Guillemont II MX. I've owned 2 creative video cards and they were SLOW!!! Also, cards by smaller manufacturers tend to overclock better. =)

    -MP Jesse

    "DOWN WITH COMPAQ" They bought and stole Alpha!
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