Video games keep crashing

a few days ago i tried to log into wow and the video was glitchy. the 3d was reflective and looked like a shattered mirror. i could log in but it would constantly black screen and freeze up. I tried updating my video driver but it didn't fix it. wow repair also had no luck. i even tried uninstalling and re installing wow to no avail.
Video card= Nvidia Geforce GTX 460

so any help would be very...helpful. thanks
also it happens to my other games as well, tried playing fallout 3 and it would load up but the video is all shattered and distorted. crashing moments later booting me out to my desktop. its horribly frustrating.
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  1. I also see that this case is not solved: ((
  2. First I would try to uninstall the current driver then install the newest driver for the card. If that doesn't work the card is possibly damaged. Do you have an old card you can run? if that works, its defiantly the card.

    Usually if the game is installed correctly, and the latest drivers have been installed correctly (remove old drivers first) then its likely the GPU is DOA

    If the card is new is the PSU powerful enough to quench the 460s thrist? 12v rail output???
  3. Since it just started I would think a bad card. Did you try using software to under clock the card at all ? This may help.... perhaps in the short run. Did you clean the dust out of it lately ? Could be heat. If it's happening in all games it may be the processor. Is THAT heat sink clean of dust ? Like last poster suggested, do you have another card to try ?
  4. It over heated, it happened to me. it 1st has giant lines on some low quality games but on high quality games it just doesn't work hope I helped
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