Problems with new computer setup

I've just put together my new machine and I've been finding some problems, hopefully someone here will have some advice:

Here are my system specs:
1GHz Athlon Thunderbird, Abit KA7 motherboard, 1GB PC133 Micron SDram(4 x 256MB), 3COM 3C-905 TXNM 10/100 Ethernet adapter, Western Digital 45.2GB HD, NEC internal 250MB Zip Drive,Adaptec 64 bit PCI-to-Ultra160 29160 SCSI Card, Ricoh 6x4x24x CD-R / CD-RW & 4x DVD-ROM Combo Drive, SBLive! Value, Tornado1000 Computer Case w/ 300watt power supply, Voodoo5 5500, IOFLEX-FW4 Firewire Adapter.
All this running under Win2K

Wheew! Ok now here are my problems.
1) My machine recognizes(sometimes) that there is a audio card in my PCI slot, but I can't figure out which kind. I've tried installing drivers several times but I can't get it to recognize my card!!

2)I've been trying to run Human Head's new game Rune on my machine. The game runs, but the display of the characters is messed up. Basically the polygons stretch off the player and out of the view, making the game unplayable. I thought at first it was my video card...I switched the card with a Viper v770 TNT Ultra that I had handy, and the visual annomallies are still present. I reasoned out that maybe it's my motherboard. It's probably not my ram(I swapped that out in different configs) It's not the game CD,
as I had it running fine on other machines from the same disk. I admit I'm rather stumped!

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. OK I'm not too experienced with ABIT's boards but I have an idea of what could be the problem.
    1. If there is on-board audio make sure it is turned off in the BIOS

    2. Try switching the PCI slot you have the SBLive installed in. It does matter with the newer chipsets.

    3. As for Rune did the other machines run Win2K??

    This new forum sucks
  2. Yeah, I got Rune working on another machine running win2K.
    The motherboard doesn't have onboard audio.
    I'll try moving the card.
  3. Are all your dimms (ram) two sided(have chips on both sides)? I don't know for sure... but to my understanding ram slot three and four can only use one-sided chip sdram... otherwise, you can only use just slot three and nothing in four. Have you tried using one 256 meg in the first slot, and nothing more?
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