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I purchased an Asus iPanel at a show a couple of weeks ago. I was building an A7V and I was told that it would work on my system. Well, after building my system, I find that it will not work. I have since found it will only work with the CUSL2 motherboard, what a bum deal I got.

If you have not seen this device, I must say, it is very cool, if you have or plan on getting an Asus CUSL2, I would highly recommend this item. It mounts in a 5 1/4 drive bay and has plethora of information that it can monitor via a proprietary connector straight to the MB. IT also has 2 USB ports that are accessible from the front.

I am really bummed that I can't use it, is great to get information, especially if you're an overclocker.

Anyway, keep an eye out for this and note, it will NOT work with the A7V rev. 1.02 MB. I read that this will become more popular with future Asus MBs.

If you want more info on this or to see it, go here:

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I am going to sell mine not mail it back. BTW, these are hard to get a hold of so far.
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  1. Is there one that will work with the A7V coming anytime soon???

    This new forum sucks
  2. From what I understnd, the iPanel will be the standard. New motherboards are to incorporate the iPAnel header. I looked at the pin-outs for it and there are SMB and a few other non-standard panel header pins.

    I would not look for one that will work with your existing MB. I am thinking that the next rev of the A7V may have the iPanel header on it.
  3. Christ! You sold yours for $102! You made a nice tidy profit there :wink:
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