Random FPS drop on Games

Here is a Video i made describing my problem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78Q6PJdufvw
Read the description of the video please and then PLEASE PLEASE help because this is a really annoying problem :|
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  1. I think it has to do something with your drivers. That could have caused weird fps drops and somehow interfere with your mouse/keyboard drivers.


    its your power supply. Your probably going to get a better answer from more experienced guys though :\
  2. Greetings all,
    I'm encountering a FPS drop while playing League Of Legends, usually it is capped at 60-64 but occasionally it might drop to 10-13, which i dont know why is that happening? There's no overheating problems etc. I had change from the previous i7 processor to a EXTREME processor (latest & fastest in the world for laptops) & upgraded my graphic cards from 1gb GTX 260m to 1.5gb GTX 460m and i had 8gb of RAMS, BUT STILL, why am i having this problem? previously alienware dont know what problems i had, they replaced heat sink, fans, graphic cards & finally processor, but they can't solve the problems. and finally they replaced the whole system with me upgrading the specs. Even with the latest specs, i'm still having this kind of problems. please help! urgent!
  3. From your video the issue your referring to is with the chipset drivers in reference to your operating system and not the drivers from your mouse or keyboard. I used to have that same problem too when the USB mouse and keyboard that I have constantly disconnects and re-detects itself over and over again it's quite annoying actually especially while playing, in my case DotA and CoD.

    For your second problem, its the installed applications on your system that's causing this, not the specs and not even your old specs. But since you've got an Alienware you can't tamper with the applications because it comes pre-installed unless you want to clone the drive including the hidden partition for backup purposes and do a clean fresh install with barebones like OS + drivers + misc. libraries then your game.

    NOTE: If you tamper the system and it's pre-installed stuff you'll void warranty. There are options to safely do this but it's eventually your choice.

    I don't want to bad mouth their support but lets just say I've been part of them and the norm is for you to upgrade to fix the issue and waste money not fix the real problem because it's not on their KB (knowledge base) as well as in their training and protocol to assist you with third party applications which they do not support.

    EXP: When I bought our Alienwares my purpose was just the ultra cool casing no other peripherals and all the installed things got to go because it's just a complete waste of space and it doesn't help in my gaming experience at all.
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