how to disable auto-loading software?

Is there a way to disable auto-start programs, those programs that pop up from the right-hand corner of your monitor and slow down the start-up of your pc?

I ask this because I installed Norton Systemworks and it loads not only the anti-virus, but also Ghost, Password manager, etc -- really annoying. And there's no way to uninstall ghost and password manager without uninstalling the whole thing.
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  1. 1. <i>Easy and safer way</i>, using <font color=red><b>msconfig</b></font color=red>, Startup tab, or
    2. <i>Edit</i> Windows Registry <b><font color=red>HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run</b></font color=red> and <b><font color=red>HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run</font color=red></b>
    Some programs (norton is one of them) also create their own services that although you disable them in msconfig or through registry, they still run in background. If you want them completely disabled, you need to disable their services as well. Open msconfig (under services tab), check <b>Hide all Microsoft services</b>, it'll show you what services are running besides Microsoft's, you can disable them by checking the boxes.
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  2. I believe you can in fact uninstall individual components with Norton. It runs an uninstall program for System Works from which you can select which components to remove.
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