I can't find my Fallout: New Vegas folder...

I wanna do some modding to Fallout: New Vegas, but I can't find my Bethesda folder anywhere. I'm running on Windows 7, so if anyone can tell me how to find it, I'd really appreciate it.
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  1. Normal places:
    Regular installs are usually in
    x:/program files (x86)/bethesda or similar
    Steam would be in
    x:/program files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/Fallout or similar

    Alternatively, right-click on the shortcut to run the game and choose properties and look up the location it links to.
  2. Do a folder / file search on "Fallout", that should help you out.
  3. Did you d/l it from Steam? If so then it will be in your Steam folder. Otherwise idk.
  4. try Local disk/users/public/games

    thats where my WoW folder ended up
  5. I could have sworn I posted that I found it in my Steam folder. But, yeah, that's where it is; thanks for the help, though. n.n;;
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